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Kokopelli and Karma

In the two years since losing our beloved Bodhi, we kept asking ourselves ,
“Are you ready for another dog?”

KoKoKarmaCar The answer was always a no and then suddenly, one cold day in February, the time seemed right. We called the breeder where we got Bodhi and asked if she had a litter of little Bodhis for us to see. She did, but insisted that we should consider a different litter and a different breeder, “Lisa’s litter.” We did and decided; yes we were definitely ready for a puppy. Mike then started asking, what about two... Two? We were not sure that we were even ready for one and two seemed out of the question!

We had wondered if we should get a male or female and did it really matter? As for names, there weren’t any. The only potential name was Kokopelli, suggested by our dear friend and fellow Lodge lover, Cindy. Kokopelli was idolized by the ancient tribes of New Mexico and translates to “The Joy Bringer.” He was a mystical merrymaker, who traveled from village to village spreading happiness, music and good humor. Kokopelli was said to possess the wisdom of the ages and was a joyful traveler that had lessons for all. Perhaps his greatest lesson was to show that we shouldn’t take life too seriously.
On the drive to get “the puppy,” Jan was anxious. “What if it’s not obvious which puppy is to be ours?” - You couldn’t just flip a coin to decide that.

Upon arrival, we told Lisa that we were just going to sit on the floor and she would unleash the puppies and we would see what would happen. After the initial puppy stampede, two puppies came and jumped right into our laps, the other two, sat back disinterested. Well now it was obvious either the brother or sister should be ours - but how were we to choose? We played with them and they romped and chased each other and were inseparable. What about personalities? Lisa whole-heartedly agreed that the brother has “quite the sense of humor,” - we found our Kokopelli! But they were so attached, how could we possibly separate them... well we couldn’t! It was meant to be, and thus Karma, the sister, was named.

KoKo and Karma have settled in quite nicely at the lodge. They are learning just what it means to be Lodge Dogs (i.e. no barking during dinner and plenty of photo shoots, sometimes with costumes). They have a lot to learn as ambassadors of the Lodge and big paw prints to fill - but let’s just say, they’re definitely up to the job.



KoKo & Karma's Office Hours, by appointment only

Monday - Saturday: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Sunday: 9:00 a.m. - Noon


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