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Before “Green” was in, or the way to be, we were doing our part to preserve our world and the natural environment. The Savage River Lodge is based on nature and encouraging our guests to interact with the natural world in a responsible way. From the initial building to our continued operation, being green is our way of life. Here are many of the ways we Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Repurpose:

Building the Savage River Lodge:

  • Wood used for construction – renewable resource
  • Insulation made from recycled rubber
  • Our bridge was slated for scrap – we saved it and gave it a new home and use
  • Scrap logs and building materials used for interior and exterior projects
  • Recycled wood from Amish lumber yard used for projects
  • Use rocks and stone from construction area for paving and walls
  • Wood docks destined for the landfill repurposed as foot bridges on trails

Everyday iniatives:

  • No air conditioning – ceiling fans and natural shade keep the buildings cool
  • Use mostly native plants for gardens
  • Non-native plants locally grown to reduce transport imprint
  • Natural light and ventilation used to reduce energy consumption
  • We recycle all glass, cardboard, newspaper, magazines, plastic #1 & #2, aluminum, steel and waste vegetable oil at the Lodge and in cabins
  • Washable hand towels instead of paper towels
  • Rain water collected in repurposed whiskey barrels to water plants
  • CFL bulbs reduce energy consumption by 80%
  • Spent CFL bulbs collected and recycled to recapture mercury
  • Offer room freshenings by request, not daily
  • Local produce and goods offered in the SRL restaurant
  • Local and regional wines on our wine list

Big projects at SRL:

  • 325 solar panels: In April 2011, the Lodge installed 325 solar panels behind the main Lodge building. The panels provide 65 percent of the Lodge's electricity and create 84 Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECS) each year.
  • Over the summer of 2011, six of the Lodge's 18 luxury cabins were retrofitted with tankless hotwater heaters. Now, instead of wasting electricity storing water in a tank, the water is heated through a series of high-powered burners as needed.
  • Since 2007, we've collected our used restaurant fryer oil, which we turn into biodiesel fuel. Mike creates the biodiesel to run the Lodge's VW Jetta, Kawasaki Mules and Kubota tractor.

In 2011 we won the Maryland Department of Tourism's Green/Sustainable Award for our green practices. We are also a member of Maryland Green Travel and a 2013 TripAdvisor Gold recipient.


  • The Pacific Yurt structure iteself is built from Douglas fir grown in sustainable managed forests.
  • All SRL yurts come equipped with Warmboard radiant floor heat, which is low=impact heating system that uses heated water that coils under the hardwood and rises up through the floor.
  • For hot water, all of yurts have the same in-line hot water heats that many of our cabins are equipped with.

Future projects include composting and the use of residential wind turbines. In-line hot water heaters will soon replace conventional “heat the water all the time” heaters in every cabin. We are always eager for new ideas and so we always keep our “green” policy in development. If you have any ideas or would like more information on any of the projects we work with, just email us at

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